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DHTML and other web games

gamewritten bysubmited bypricesiteemailruns onnotes
ArtrunK.MoriyamaanonymousfreeþýN4+game is based on Sega® OutRun
Ass BanditsUZINAGAZ Jay, Phil, Stefanonymousfreeýýflashlock and load, shoot them before they screw you
BAPMasayoshi Uedaanonymousfreeþþ?hit the bricks type
Border Patrol?anonymousfreeýýflashshoot at fleeing border crossers
BricksRIOT Vincentanonymousfreeþþ?hit the bricks game.
BridgesDick Christophanonymousfreeþþconnect blocks from one end to another.
Checkers?anonymousfreeþþallchecker game
ConcentrationJohn Morrisanonymousfreeþý?match two cards
Connect 4Sven Wiebusanonymousfreeýýallold game of connect 4
HardblockK.Moriyamaanonymousfreeþýallhit the bricks game
InvadersSondre Skaug Bjornebekkanonymousfreeýþ?space invaders work alike
JS FalconK.MoriyamaanonymousfreeþýallJavascript version of Falcon
JS FlankerK.MoriyamaanonymousfreeþýallJavascript version of Flanker
JS GymkhanaK.MoriyamaanonymousfreeþýIE4+; N6+run around in an obsticle course
Lottery SimulatorStanley LeeLeefreeþýallPlay lotto pick 3, pick 4, 5, etc...
Lunar Lander?anonymousfreeýýallthe ancient game of lunar lander
Magic 8 BallStanley LeeLeefreeþýallThe Magic 8 Ball says your future looks...
Mind ReaderGeorge W. Joplinganonymousfreeýþallgusses your number
NibblyKarsten Mandrup Nielsenanonymousfreeþþ?old game of worm eats apple
P-ManK.Moriyamaanonymousfreeþýallthe grand old game that started it all, Pac-Man
Pong?anonymousfreeýý?ping pong ball
RatmazeKaushik Rajanonymousfreeþþ?use cheese to get rat out of rat maze
Rush HourKarsten Mandrup Nielsenanonymousfreeþþ?move a car out puzzle game
Space fireK.MoriyamaanonymousfreeþýN4+Space Harrier clone
SpacewarScufo Arcadeanonymousfreeýý?shoot 'em up game
SudokuStanley LeeLeefreeþýallplay sudoku, the game of numbers
Super MarionetteK.Moriyamaanonymousfreeþý?supermario brothers work alike
TetrisXin Yanganonymousfreeþþallanother tetris game
Tux?anonymousfreeýý?penguin runs around like mario brothers game
UFO Attack?anonymousfreeýýjavaguide missles towards ufos
Virtual Drive By 2?anonymousfreeýýflashDrive around shooting anything that moves
Word SearchStanley LeeLeefreeþýallWord Search Generator
(Chinese) Zodiac?anonymousfreeýýallput your birth year and get your chinese zodiac