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Name Description Gender Origin    
101 adelmo noble protector male old german add
102 adelphos brother male greek add
103 ademaro glorious in battle male old german add
104 ademia without husband female greek add
105 adena delicate, sensual female hebrew add
106 adeodatus given by god male latin add
107 aderes one who protects female hebrew add
108 adesina the way is opened for more female yoruban add
109 adhira lightning female hindu add
110 adiana the night's falling reveals the angels' beauty female american add
111 adie ornament female hebrew add
112 adina voluptous female hebrew add
113 adine delicate female hebrew add
114 adiran of the adriatic male latin add
115 adishree exalted female hindu add
116 aditi free and unbounded female hindu add
117 aditya lord of the sun male hindu add
118 adiva pleasant, gentle female arabic add
119 adken oaken male english add
120 adkins son of aiken male english add
121 adkyn oaken male english add
122 adlai my witness, refuge of god male hebrew add
123 adler eagle male german add
124 adley just male hebrew add
125 admes   male greek add
126 admon red peony male hebrew add
127 adney lives on the noble's island male english add
128 adny lives on the noble's island male english add
129 adolfina noble wolf, noble hero female german add
130 adolfo nobel wolf male german add
131 adolf noble wolf male teutonic add
132 adolph noble wolf, noble hero male german add
133 adona   female   add
134 adoncia sweet female spanish add
135 adonia beautiful female greek add
136 adonis man loved by aphrodite, handsome male greek add
137 adony   male hungarian add
138 adon lord male hebrew add
139 adora beloved one female french add
140 adrastos undaunted male greek add
141 adria feminine of adrian female   add
142 adriana dark female italian add
143 adrian rich, wealthy, dark one male greek,latin add
144 adriel beaver, symbol of skill male american indian add
145 adrienne rich, wealthy, dark one female greek,latin add
146 adrion from adria male greek add
147 adron from adria male greek add
148 aekerley from the oak tree meadow male english add
149 aekerman man of oak male english add
150 aeker from the oak tree male english add
151 aekley from the oak tree meadow male english add
152 aeldra lives at the elder tree male english add
153 aeneas worthy of praise male greek add
154 aeryn   female   add
155 aetos eagle male greek add
156 afina blueberry female romanian add
157 afra from africa female latin add
158 africa pleasing, pleasant female celtic add
159 afro from africa male latin add
160 afton river name female old english add
161 agabo   male hebrew add
162 agape love of the next both greek add
163 agatha good, kind female greek add
164 agatone good, kind male greek add
165 aglaia wisdom, glory female greek add
166 agnes lamb, pure, chaste female latin add
167 agneta pure female greek,german add
168 agustin majestic male latin add
169 ahab uncle male hebrew add
170 ahava name of a river, love female hebrew add
171 ahearn lord of the horses male celtic add
172 ahimsa nonviolent virtue female hindu add
173 ahmad to praise male arabic add
174 ahmed much praised male arabic add
175 ahmik strength of gods flock male hebrew add
176 ahren eagle male old german add
177 aidan help, little fire male middle english,gaelic add
178 aida helpful female latin add
179 aida joyful, helper, reward female old english add
180 aiden fire male gaelic add
181 aiekin oaken male english add
182 aiesha woman female arabic add
183 aijah   female   add
184 aiken sturdy, oaken male anglo-saxon add
185 aikin oaken male english add
186 aiko beloved one, little love female japanese add
187 aila light-bearer female finnish add
188 aileen light, green meadow female greek,celtic add
189 ailen made of oak male old english add
190 ailsa concecrated to god female hebrew add
191 aimee beloved, liked female latin add
192 aimery industrious ruler male teutonic add
193 aina complicated delivery female yoruban add
194 aine joy female celtic add
195 ainhoa reference to virgin mary female basque add
196 ainsley my own meadow both scottish add
197 ainslie my own meadow male scottish add
198 ainsworth from ann's estate male english add
199 aintzane glorious female basque add
200 ain merciful male celtic add

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